MYOB add-on solutions 

if you find that MYOB does not have all the functions that you need, you may be able to use additional software that integrates directly with MYOB to solve the problem.  There is everything from advanced reporting to childcare management available and all products listed here are checked and endorsed by MYOB. You can filter by industry category or product.

MYOB support notes

have a huge range of answers to many of your questions – check out what is here before spending money on a consultant!

If you need an onsite consultant

and you want to shop around you can find them all here:

How can you define an employee or a contractor

This is a frequently raised business question and what are your obligations as an employer.  Find out here:

Pay super for all your staff

A free service for small business is provided by Australian Tax Office at:

Single Touch Payroll

If you don’t have a payroll subscription in Xero or MYOB then the cheapest and best option for single touch payroll is offered by FGH tables, who also provide a low cost update of tax tables for all MYOB classic desktop versions through to v19.13

Tax tables are here:

and single touch payroll info here:

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